Building profitable brands with creative talent

We are more than a studio; we are your strategic partners in creating profitable, product-based ventures.

Our team of experienced experts collaborate with talent, and their teams, to leverage brand power, generating consistent revenue and ownership.

Together, we build successful, scalable revenue streams for creative founders.
Our mission

Increasing revenue
through ownership


Create a scaleable product or paid community that has market need and community engagement.


Build the infrastructure team to set up, market and run the operations and logistics to maximize ROI


Engage experienced sales team to market and scale your offering direct to consumer and retail.


For Talent + Creative Founders

We specialize in monetizing creative talent—including music artists, authors, television personalities, and content creators—as well as innovative founders with their audiences. We build  businesses that give long-term ownership and revenue.

For Managers + Agencies

We are an essential partner for busy managers and agencies focused on daily client opportunities. Our collaboration generates additional revenue streams for talents and their teams, enhancing overall success.

go from idea to the marketplace

We conduct market and brand research to develop products and services that resonate with your core audience, meet market demand, and drive profitability.
We create the infrastructure needed to manufacture, launch, operate, and scale your products in both direct-to-consumer and retail markets.
Our global brand design team masterfully creates names, logos, packaging, websites, and digital platforms, all precisely tailored for market success.
We manage every aspect, from research, pricing and sampling to manufacturing, shipping, and warehousing logistics, ensuring a seamless process
Managing product and brand shoots to creating marketing materials, content scripts, digital creative and sales asset - ensuring a viral brand image
Our backend team meticulously handles formation, accounting, legal, contracts and sales fulfillment, ensuring your operations run efficiently.
Our agency partners unleash your ROI with creative marketing campaigns, influencer partnerships, retail collaborations, and powerful digital sales strategies.
About us

a team dedicated to brand expansion

With over 25 years of hands-on management, sales, and operational experience, Christopher and Carley founded Brand Creator Partners to empower creative talent and scale their revenue through ownership.

Partnering with Brand Creator Studios means joining forces with a powerhouse collective of experts; with over 95 combined years of experience; dedicated to building and scaling your brand. Our studio-model approach offers an all-inclusive experience, providing niche-specific expertise tailored precisely to your business needs.

We collaborate with successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders, bringing their expertise directly to your vision.

Learn more about us and our team.

execution through partnership

Our philosophy is simple and proven: collaborate with top-tier fulfillment partners and advisors to deliver exceptional results. Our studio model brings niche-specific experts to each client, ensuring tailored solutions.
Christopher Pina
CEO + Strategist
CEO of Brand Creator Studios
Carley Pina
COO + Creative Director
Co-Founder of Brand Creator Studios
Michael Sette
Product Development Partner
CMO, Off-Yellow Brands
Abraham Lichy
Legal + Trademark Partner
CEO, The Advisory Legal
David Gergis
Accounting + Finance Partner
CEO, Everyday Accounting
Eric + Brittany
Asset + Content Creation Partner
Founders, SoFlo Inspire Content

Want to learn more about our experience?

Let's schedule a time to connect and see how we can help you or your clients expand their revenue opportunities.

You have questions, we have answers

Do you work with signed talent? 

Yes! We work with managers, talent agencies, production and publishing companies to develop products and services for clients to build their branded business.

We support the work of the agents and managers who are busy expanding the talents opportunities while we focus on driving revenue through their audience and beyond.

Do you work with Managers and Agents?

Similar to our answer above -YES! We work with management companies and agents to help support them in developing new and expanded revenue oppotunities for their clients. We will work with whatever protocols managers and agents set in place.

Many times, we are hired BY manage and agents to work on their team in a consulting and development role to increase revenue or simply manage product divisions for their clients.

What if I don't have a manager or agent?

We can help unsigned talent as well. Let's discuss the options.

Who owns the product?

Every new venture is a newly formed company with ownership divided between the Talent, Our Firm and Investors (if applicable). Talent will always have a majority ownership unless otherwise required by investors (which is optional).

How are you compensated?

Our fees are minimal and based on the required needs of the clients, the product and scale of launch. Clients should be ready to invest between $20,000.00 - $30,000.00 plus a commission or equity position in the business created. We keep expenses low upfront to minimize the initial risk and create a productive team focused on sales and revenue generation.  

What if I need funding?

We work with private lenders, angel investors and venture capital firms to help subsidize start up costs. Schedule a call to learn more.

*Funding is not guaranteed or a guarantee as part of the paid service. Subject to investor decision or client credit worthiness at application.

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